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Colour Days

Colour Days

Developed using the Tetenal C41 2L kit. Film was a 2009-expired Fuji Superia. Scanned with a Epson V600

Shot with a Mamiya RB67 + 65mm lens. 1/30 sec + f4.5

The whole process of development takes longer than B/w.
Pre-heat tank for couple of minutes.
Developer at 38 deg. C for 3 min 15 sec. Started the time as soon as the developer was poured into the tank. Agitated initially for 15 seconds. Agitated lightly every 30 seconds or so. Started pouring developer back into its container as soon as clock hit 3’12’

Bleach at roughly 30 deg C for 6 mins 30 seconds. Poured it back into its container from 6’25’

Fixer for 6 mins 30 seconds.

Rinsed for 3 minutes 15 seconds. Changed water few times and took reel out of the tank and placed it under running water for a bit.

Stabilised for about 2-3 minutes.

Dried straight without final rinse.


Brew-haha: Mixing Chemistry (VitaminC – Metol)

Brew-haha: Mixing Chemistry (VitaminC - Metol)

Perhaps the cheapest developer one can make. All it takes is Sodium Carbonate (5g), Vitamin C (2g) and Metol (0.2g)… dissolved in that order, in 250ml of warm water. You then add enough water to make a 1L solution. That takes care of two 120 rolls.

How much does it cost? Around Rs. 5 in all for the entire solution, excluding water.
All thanks to this link:
This photograph was shot on a Kodak Gold 100 colour film. Pentax K1000 + Rikenon 50mm f2

The solution ended up staying in the fridge for too long and appeared to be far colder than the thermometer said. So developed for 11 minutes. Normal agitation.

Big problem with anything to do with Vitamin C thus far is tablets need to be crushed. Which inevitably tend not to completely dissolve. If one can get hold of the powdered form of ascorbic acid, it will be better.

Grains look a bit weird. But it could be something to do with it being a colour film.

100% crop. Grains look a bit weird. But it could be something to do with it being a colour film.


Brew-haha: Mixing Chemistry (Gevaert 212)

Brew-haha: Mixing Chemistry (Gevaert 212)

Digital Truth calls this mix the Gevaert 212. It seemed the easiest to make from the chemicals at hand.
More or less the measurements as given below:

Film was Kodak Gold 100 (colour) 35mm.
Developed for 4 minutes. Agitate the entire first minute. Agitate thrice at regular intervals for 5 seconds, later.

Camera: Pentax k1000
Lens: Vivitar 28mm f2.8
Shutter: 1/15
Aperture: f2.8 (focussed on the flower)
Flower in focus at 100%


Flower Power

Flower Power

Shot with a new old Mamiya 65mm lens on a RB 67 with Acros 100. Developed in Caffenol C-L (stand). Scanned with Epson V600.

Caffenol Details:

Water 400ml
Washing Soda 6g
Vitamin C 3g
Instant Coffee 9.5g

At 20 deg C, stand developed for 70 minutes. Twice agitated lightly for 5 seconds each.

Straight from the scanner without any levels correction. Border added.

The 65mm lens was used at f5.6.


Indu film + Old Agfa Click III + Caffenol = Weird

Indu film + Old Agfa Click III + Caffenol = Weird

This was where I went kamikaze. An old expired Indu film on an Agfa Click III which hadn’t been used for at least the last 20 years and developing in Caffenol with a slightly different mix to previous times. I am lucky at least this turned up.

Caffenol details:

Water 450ml
Instant Coffee (Sunrise) 10g
Vitamin C 4g
Washing Soda 10g approximately.

Developed for 20 minutes. Agitated thrice every minute for the first ten. Let stand for next 5. Agitated thrice. Let stand for another 5 minutes.


Saraswati Ghat

Saraswati Ghat

A boat has packed up for the day at the busy Saraswati Ghat in Allahabad, on the penultimate day of the Maha Kumbh.


A smog-less evening in Mumbai

A smog-less evening in Mumbai

One of those rare days when you can see the buildings across from the Marine Drive clearly. There was no smog and the sun had just set. It was also a couple of hours before high tides as rocks became visible above the surface.
I kept an eye out for similar skies through the subsequent week or so but wasn’t lucky enough to get a smog-free evening again.

This was part of a much wider panorama, but the gaudy lighting around a marriage hall (?) required it to be cropped off.