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Colour Days

Colour Days

Developed using the Tetenal C41 2L kit. Film was a 2009-expired Fuji Superia. Scanned with a Epson V600

Shot with a Mamiya RB67 + 65mm lens. 1/30 sec + f4.5

The whole process of development takes longer than B/w.
Pre-heat tank for couple of minutes.
Developer at 38 deg. C for 3 min 15 sec. Started the time as soon as the developer was poured into the tank. Agitated initially for 15 seconds. Agitated lightly every 30 seconds or so. Started pouring developer back into its container as soon as clock hit 3’12’

Bleach at roughly 30 deg C for 6 mins 30 seconds. Poured it back into its container from 6’25’

Fixer for 6 mins 30 seconds.

Rinsed for 3 minutes 15 seconds. Changed water few times and took reel out of the tank and placed it under running water for a bit.

Stabilised for about 2-3 minutes.

Dried straight without final rinse.


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