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Doings of a Rs. 500 lens

This is a mini-review of the Kiron 70-210 f4 (FD mount) lens. I bought it for just over $9 a few months back. When on an Olympus E-PL1, it becomes a 140-420. It also has a macro of 1:4 which comes in handy at times. It has a fancy zoomlock feature which latches at 70, 85, 100, 135 and 210.

At 70mm

When you have nothing else to do and want to go closer, this is how it looks.

Right Corner (The line of pots were not parallel to the frame, so went for the edge farther away from the camera)

Wide open is a bit soft and there is evident chromatic aberration. Good news is how sharp the center looks at 5.6. There are still remnants of CA around then, but its not something which cannot be corrected.
In the corners too, 5.6 to 11 seems where you want to be.



Right Corner

5.6 is not as good as it was at 70mm. CA follows you to f8 here. Generally, seems a smidgen softer overall. It could easily be a focus issue as I used the magnifier in E-PL1 to fine tune it (and the camera was mounted on a gorillapod). I did use a 2-second timer to keep the assembly as stable as it could be. But then, you would of course want to use it with similar setups.
That is the graceless nitpick section done. Is it just me or at the corners, f4-f5.6 is sharper than at the rest?

Here is what it can do when you desist from due-diligencing each of its pixels.

Lens was at 210mm and f11. Long exposure.

Shot in the garden. Lens was at its edge of macro focus and at 210mm. The rose was a bit worked on for those colours, but if I remember well, the other two more or less just underwent extra contrast jobs.

I shall try to post similar tests at other focal lengths.


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