The underdog photoblog

Root Cross

My recent efforts at photography have revolved around shooting small, natural objects over long exposures with torch lights. For much of the time it is fairly frustrating; inadequate light, too much light, imbalance in light, or slight shift in focus which you’d notice only after packing up and loading images onto the computer. The biggest frustration though is in finding objects to photograph. The first time I did this was when I noticed a small twig which had an incredible texture to it. And I’d instinctively taken to this “miniature light painting” exercise. Much of the inspiration though had come much earlier from watching a documentary on the German photographer Andreas Feininger who, among many other things, photographed small, interesting objects in his studio. About this photograph and its title, the object is part of a tree’s root. We’d dug up a bit of earth from our garden which had now gotten these roots spread by a tree about 3 meters away. The “twig” itself looked a lot like a cross.


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