The underdog photoblog

Yashica Electro 35 – GTN

I bought a Yashica Electro 35-GTN from a camera repair store. Partly because I wanted to see how rangefinders work and partly because this can work (somewhat) without batteries.

It’s a beautiful camera, built like a brick (a good brick) and easily operable. Apparently, its metering is amongst the best there is. I can’t vouch for that unless I have a battery loaded (which is obsolete these days).

After shooting the first roll I am quite confident that the basic 1/500 shutter it works on when without a battery is fairly useful for outdoorsy requirements. I hadn’t known this limitation until taking 4-5 shots. Which meant a lot of images turned out quite dark. The ones I thought would look good, looked good, more or less. However, the conversion into Jpegs done by GK Vale in BTM left a lot to be desired.

The negatives look fine, but the Jpegs have black bands as margin. In some cases this is fairly poor. Wonder if they’ve given up the ghost on film processing.


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