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Time-lapse experiment and how

This is the first experiment I did as a time-lapse sequence:

Here is how I did it:

Step 1: I got a remote shutter release. You have specific ones for the respective DSLR and you have both the expensive ones (from the camera makers) and cheaper rip-offs. Rip-offs are fine. You can make your own as well, but I bought one in Bangalore (Foto Circle) after the Ebay one (cheapest) I ordered didn’t arrive. I got the cable release. Wireless are slightly odd given my camera’s IR receiver is in the front.

Step 2: Found a location which seemed proper for a time-lapse. I chose my terrace and positioned my camera facing the neighbouring building and the fast-moving clouds.

Step 3: I set my camera on Manual Mode (though it seems logical now to set it to Aperture-Priority if you are going for a longer sequence). And connected the Remote Shutter to the camera.

Step 4: Then, captured every few seconds (for this video, it varied between 4-16 seconds between each capture).

Step 5: Since these images will be appended to create a video, you would need to take loads of pictures. I shot around 200 images for a 7 second video. Pretty sure you can have a lesser framerate than I had (24 fps). But need to experiment.

Step 6: Appended these images in a video editor. Set frame-rate and other details.

Step 7: Compressed video with the free Virtual Dub software.

Step 8: Uploaded and sent everyone the link.


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